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The Aikikai Aikido Cairns is affiliated with Aikikai Aikido Australia, which is internationally recognised organisation therefore provides a gateway into the national and international world of Aikido. 

Aikido  is a non-competitive martial art which relies on respect, trust and cooperation between training partners, so people of all ages and skill levels can train effectively with each other .


It uses as « self-defense»  training partners take turns at providing an attack and then practicing the defense, and it relies on timing, position, balance and movement rather than on strengh to perform the techniques.


All our classes are mixed ability, dojo's older students  practice with beginners to give them the best possible start to their Aikido career.


Safety in the dojo is very important, and all of our training is based on having a safe environment, Senior students are responsible for keeping the beginners « and themselves » safe.


 The Beginners' course aims to give to new Aikido students a state of what Aikido is about.

Those students who will continue training Aikido will find that they can take the skills they learn and  grades to wherever they go when they gradute and can look forward to many decades of  joyful years of Aikido practice , and having worldwide family.....



To injure an opponent is to injure your-self


To control aggression without injuring is the Art of Peace 











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